ADDI Medical

ADDI Medical has developed a new disruptive point of connection – HOPE, Healthcare Operability with Patient Engagement Solution, to bring patients and healthcare providers together to achieve improved quality of care.

HOPE Solution addresses the bottlenecks restricting free flow of information between patients and the healthcare system. This is possible with the unique Patient Connector, an integration service for which ADDI Medical holds a global pending patent. What makes the Patient Connector unique is that it enables aggregating and analyzing data on a group/population level, AI.

Our different modules will among many other things allow healthcare players to:

  • Collect data generated by patients' apps, sensors, e-forms, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit
  • Communicate with patients through our activity plans and its automatic tracking system, chat and/or video
  • Inform patients using activity plans and/or video clips
  • Predict outcomes, analyze data and use AI


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