HOPE - DigiROP (DigiROP)

ADDI Medical becomes a digital facilitator by applying evidence-based algorithms in decision support systems for the care of premature infants with a risk of prematurity retinopathy (ROP). The DigiROP solution will serve as a decision support for ROP screening with proposals for screening intensity and treatment based on screening findings.

Using HOPE Platform to diagnose and communicate the sight-threatening disease retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in very preterm infants. Infants born very preterm, i.e. more than two months early, need very advanced care. An increased survival of these infants combined with a shortage of beds and specialized staff results in that these infants are transported between different hospitals both on a National and Nordic level. Previously all evidence based best practice (EBP) protocols were analogue documents that on a later stage were transcribed into the electronic patient record (EPR) and the quality register SWEDROP separately. With HOPE Platform the EBP protocol is digitized, including algorithms for ROP prediction and probability calculations for examination laser treatment and the results are automatically sent to SWEDROP and Melior in near future. The guardians will use their smart mobile phone HOPE app for self-management of infants and to remotely communicate with doctors and nurses.

In recent years in some regions, twice as many children have been treated because of ROP. At the same time, Löf (patientförsäkringen) has initiated a study as they have noticed that more infants have become blind due to ROP and that they suspected that the cause could be found in the lack of applying EBP screening process.

In practice, the digitized protocols, self-management and remote monitoring offers new ways of collaborating based on patient-centered-care. It is a way to continuously follow-up of the infants born very preterm symptoms and treatment effects - at the individual level in real time - against set treatment.

DigiROP presentation from Ögonsymposiet in Örebro, Sweden on the 4th of October 2019.