About the website


It must be easy to find the website. You navigate via our main menu, via links or our search function.

Search function

To search for information on our website, click on the search symbol in the main menu. Enter your search term and finish using the Enter key on your keyboard.

Recommended web browsers

Our website uses modern web standards to provide the best possible product experience for our users. Although we endeavour to compatible with the majority of devices and browsers, not all browsers can handle all features.

We recommend using the latest version of any of the following browsers and activating automatic update settings in your browser.

Note! If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend that you switch toone fo the following browsers:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

If you are not sure which browser you are using, you can find out on whatsmybrowser.org



Links to attachments to other websites always open in a new window. Internal links always open in the same window.

If you link to addimedical.se, we ask that you enter the  link in a neutral manner. We do not want you to use so-called frame linking. This means you cannot  link so that addimedical.se is located within the framework of another website.


Web analysis

The website uses the Google Analytics web analysis tool. The purpose is to get support for the work on ongoing web development. By monitoring how the web pages are used, we can make the content more relevant and modify the service for visitors to the site.

This page was last updated on 17.11.2020

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