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HOPE Radiologi

Planning and follow-up support

In an advanced examination such as a CT scan, HOPE Radiology supports both the healthcare planning for an examination and patient preparation before the examination. With this type of activity, the patient is involved early in carrying out  activities remotely. In practice, this means that the right activity is posted at the right time for the right patient with the right number of reminders via the platform communication channels (text message, email, push notification, chat).

“We see that HOPE Platform can add important values to radiology. By communicating the right information at the right time in a simple and customised manner, HOPE ensures that the patient is well-informed about activities that need to be done before and during the visit to radiology. The support of digitalisation gives us a well-prepared patient before the examination, which improves examination quality and thus diagnostics, and we make sure there are no bad surprises."

Activity plan for colonic CT scan

A colonic CT scan is an example of an examination that requires extensive preparation and post-examination care. For example, the patient must start drinking a specially prepared mixute two days before the CT scan. The patient drinks the mixture in portions at several different times. After 12:00 p.m. on the day before the examination, there must be no solid food ingested until after the examination has been completed.

In addition, the patient should drink the contrast agent 2 hours before the examination etc. In order to prevent an impact on kidney function, the patient should drink plenty of fluids the day after the examination or should be given intravenous fluid therapy.

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