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HOPE Corona

Automated sampling flow for collection of clinical data

HOPE Corona was developed with researchers at the National Pandemic Centre at SciLifeLab, Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.

The commission was to: a) create an automated sampling flow for participants, including preparation, implementation and follow-up on sampling; b) be the link between the lab system and the medical record system for the Region; c) provide effective and user-friendly support for healthcare; and d) produce a standardised protocol to be answered by participants, which is also used in a number of other clinical studies currently underway regarding COVID-19. 

Egenprovtagning för COVID-19 i Region Västerbotten

I Region Västerbotten har HOPE Corona använts i samband med egenprovtagning för COVID-19. Fokus på målgrupp för provtagningen var studenter och lärare vid Umeå universitet samt deras närstående.

Med hjälp av HOPE Platform automatiserade Region Västerbotten förberedelser, genomförande och uppföljning av provtagning. Syftet med provtagningen var att se om individen hade en pågående infektion. Provtagningen gjordes helt och hållet av individen själv.

Hela processen kring provtagningen kommunicerades via HOPE App. Inloggning i appen för provtagaren skedde via personligt BankID eller med en personlig kod. Den personliga koden tillhandahölls av personal från Försvarsmakten via HOPE Practitioner. Vid frågor fanns det möjlighet till chatt med ansvarig vårdpersonal. För provtagaren via HOPE App och vårdpersonalen via HOPE Practitioner.

Information och guidning gavs till provtagaren med stöd av funktionen ”Läs information” via HOPEs byggkloss Aktivitetsplanering. Exempelvis information om platser där ett provtagningskit kunde hämtas och lämnas av provtagaren själv om personen var symtomfri. Alternativt vid symtom en beskriven rutin för att få ett provtagningskit hemlevererat.

As a service

  • A mobile service targeted at healthcare and scientific studies

  • Features ready-made integrations with other apps, applications and infrastructures

  • An open communication platform with different building blocks supporting national guidelines and rules, as well as international standards such as FHIR

  • Bears the CE-mark and supports the Swedish Patient Data Act (PDL) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Based on the ADDI Medical HOPE Platform™ communication platform

  • Enables triage and studies of COVID-19 patients

For individuals

  • Intuitive interface with easy-to-learn functions

  • Provides support via automated flows that help a user to carry out testing step-by-step

  • Alerts the user whenever it is time to perform a new activity

  • Provides information about who to turn to with questions and for advice

  • Makes digital communication with healthcare staff possible via chat

  • Provides conditions for being able to take part in clinical studies

  • Gives the user their test results immediately after login using a personal BankID or secure personal code

  • Processes and shares information safely and securely in accordance with the Swedish Patient Data Act (PDL) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

For Operations Managers

  • A digital platform that enables triage, automated anamnesis and medical records, as well as  COVID-19 patient testing

  • Supports communication between the patient and the activity e.g. using digital forms and chat, which is then saved as a medical record document

  • Displays information in different ways in different technical environments

  • Gives operations managers full oversight and control of the rate at which data is collected and what data is gathered from the individual patient

  • Ensures that data is always used in accordance with Swedish legislation in a secure, responsible and considerate manner

  • Includes the patient and enables  the patient to perform activities assessed by care staff as activities the patient can carry out themselves

  • Frees up time for healthcare staff to focus on more patient-oriented work

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