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Our vision

without borders trough digitalisation

ADDI Medical is a team of experts in many different areas fields who share the same vision of using digitalisation to automate work processes, link information about a patient’s healthcare to self-care and enabling the secure collection, transformation and sharing of information with the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry.

Along with our clients, we want to create faster and more secure information flows for all the parties involved in a patient’s health journey. In this way, we are also supporting Sweden’s vision to being the best in the world buy 2025 in the utilisation of the possibilities of e-health.

Our background and our values create our success

ADDI Medical was founded in 2016 by Karolinska Institutet Holding AB and the current CEO, Nina Sellberg, senior lecturer and medical informatics researcher. The first cornerstone was then in place to create the HOPE communication platform for digital health focusing on bridging the communication gap between patient, healthcare, the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry.

Through Nina’s previous role as adjunct professor at Karolinska Institutet, the company has acquired a broad knowledge and deep insight into national and international infrastructure and medical device standards for healthcare. Combined with the many years of expert knowledge and experience of the employees in the digitalisation of healthcare, further initiatives have been taken to develop the platform, which today has just over 56,000 users.

”The established work processes and ways of communicating in healthcare have changed and the patient is now even more involved in patient work more than before. The priority today is simple, flexible and accessible services providing a better user experience. At ADDI Medical technical innovation is seen as a driving force for that development and obviously we want to contribute to that with our competence and experience.”

ADDI Medical is based on our values


We love challenges and we love to win.

We are entrepreneurs, innovators and listeners, always prepared to deliver whatever our clients demand.

The success of our clients is both our pleasure and our success.


Our ability to embrace diversity is crucial to our success.  

We respect each other and actively work fora clear and honest dialogue. 

We take care of  and help each other.

Doing it RIGHT

Quality and integrity are central to everything we do – our dependability and credibility with our customers is crucial to our business.

We endeavour to give back a high value to the  individual, the business and the community in which we operate.


Nina Sellberg, CEO

Ove Sellberg, CBO

Björn Strihagen, CTO


Magnus Persson, Chairman of the board

Patrik Hansson, Board member

Nina Sellberg, Board member

Urban Olson, Board member

Anna Dalgaard, Board member

Ove Sellberg, Board member


Peter Aspelin, Professor at Karolinska Institutet

Hans Enocson, Senior advisor

Work@ ADDI Medical

Do you want to be part of the development of the new generation of healthcare support?

As demand for our solutions continues to increase, we need to strengthen our development team. That’s why we are looking for you – someone to join us to help develop the new generation of healthcare support that includes the patient in their own healthcare. We are located in north Stockholm with our head office in Mörby Centrum but our clients are located throughout the country. You should have background in technology, engineering or IT-related university degree and at least 5 years’ experience as a developer. It will also be advantageous if you have experience working in IT in healthcare. As we also operate in an international market, you must be proficient in spoken and written Swedish and English If you are curious, interested or have any questions about our advertised services, you are welcome to contact us on info@addimedical.se

You are welcome to apply!

Right now, we are looking for

Web developers

Work tasks
Front-end and back-end online application development.

Technology stack
·       Angular 8
·       Typescript
·       C#
·       ASP.Net Core MVC
·       REST/Swagger
·       Git
·       SignalR

Written and spoken Swedish.
Written and spoken English.

App developers

Work tasks
Development of apps for iOS and Android.

Technology stack
·       Ionic
·       Cordova
·       Angular 8
·       Typescript
·       Git

Written and spoken Swedish.
Written and spoken English.


Work tasks
Development of business logic services and storage in C#. 

Development of customisations and integrations in C#.

Technology stack
·       C#
·       WebServices
·       Objektdatabaser
·       Git

Written and spoken Swedish.
Written and spoken English.

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