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Interoperability and data

HOPE Databroker
– a platform for sharing and using diabetes data securely

ADDI Medical has been commissioned by Vinnova through the Vinter project to develop, package and manage its HOPE Databroker platform for data-driven innovation in Sweden, in an initial step as support for patients in the field of diabetes. The purpose of the platform is to create increased interoperability between systems in care and health, the academic community and the business community, i.e. to increase the ability to use data from another system or another process using standards. 

The platform also enables personal and confidential data to be an active part of the  digital transformation of the area. Key requirements from Vinnova here are compliance with the Swedish legislation – the Swedish Patient Data Act (PDL) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is addressing stimulating change in a confidential area to enable patient data to be a secure part of innovative solutions.

-“The Greater Stockholm Diabetes Association is happy to be part of this project. It is particularly gratifying that the patient perspective is included from the very start and people with diabetes can really participate in the development. Together we can create the right conditions for a successful, long-term solution.”

The requirements landscape demands the speedy delivery of a competition platform that meets all necessary technical and legal requirements for being able to process, share and reuse clinical data and health data for patients with diabetes. Based on these requirements, ADDI Medical will package and manage the HOPE Databroker over a number of years as a new modern and powerful platform for data-driven innovations in Sweden.

As early as 1 March 2021, ADDI Medical will deliver the new HOPE Databroker platform for secure sharing and use of data within the field of diabetes, with the possibility of  subsequent expansion to additional diagnostic fields.

The long-term development work carried by ADDI focuses strongly on interoperability adapted to  statutory requirements and regulations and generates rapid project delivery. The rapid pace of development is further made possible in combination with the broad experience in thre company from the use of HOPE Platform in healthcare.

HOPE Databroker consortium is coordinated by ADDI Medical AB in association with the Greater Stockholm Diabetes Association, Opticom International Research AB, A05 Diagnostics AB and Karolinska Institutet, among others.

In spring 2021 Vinnova announce innovation competitions aimed at developing services to benefit to people with diabetes, their relatives and healthcare as a start. Vinnova will also provide the producing data sources that will be connected to the platform, which is parties that sharing their proprietary data via HOPE Databroker with the modern hesalthcare information environments and apps of the future. Examples of such parties include the Regional Councils  and private healthcare providers. 

Read more about the Vinnova Vinter – Innovation with health data announcement:


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