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HOPE Medication Adherence

HOPE Medication Adherence monitors the extent to which a patient follows the medical advice given and the results of treatment.  Pharmaceutical companies receive reports from ADDI Medical  at the overview or aggregated level or as anonymised data where it is not possible to link a result to a specific individual.

HOPE Medication Adherence facilitates follow-up on the effects of treatment, lifestyle changes, risk factors and co-morbidity. It also enables the monitoring of ”adherence” and treatment results on an aggregated and anonymised level.

“It’s an entirely new e-health solution bringing healthcare and psoriasis patients closer to one another. Through an application on their smartphone, patients do their own follow-up based on an activity plan adapted for the indivual with direct feedback from healthcare. The plan shows which activities and which treatment have to be followed over time. The App also provides an option for answering questions about other symptoms and lifestyle and can also be used to screen for comorbidity.

The idea is to facilitate follow-up on the effects of treatment, lifestyle changes, risk factors and comorbidity in psoriasis and thus increase the chance of achieving the set treatment targets. Better accessibility, increased patient involvement and better quality in the care pathway are some of the benefits.”

Marlene Almqvist, AbbVie

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