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HOPE Migraine

Digital platform for virtual care

HOPE migraine is used as a digital platform to support the virtual care of patients diagnosed with chronic migraine. The HOPE Platform structure facilitates triage and automated anamnesis and medical records based on patient data collected and registered by the patient and processed via algorithm-based forms.

Triage using HOPE Platform creates powerful clinical decision support and prediction.

“It feels really exciting to be able to launch this service for all patients with chronic migraine. We evaluated several different suppliers but eventually opted for HOPE Platform. We believe it will be the best solution for us and ADDI Medical feels like a good and highly skilled, competent partner.”

Easy adaptation to communicate the brand of another company

Approximately 1.4 million inhabitants of Sweden suffer from chronic migraine. Only 1-5 per cent of approximately 200,000 patients with the diagnosis receive the treatment they request and are entitled to. One of the reasons for this, which also contributes to production losses for healthcare and is a major problem for the patient group, is that there is an extreme shortage of neurology specialists in Sweden. Given this problem, the world’s first digital migraine clinic was started – Migränhjälpen.

Use of HOPE Platform by Migränhjälpen is an example of the way in which the flexible building block structure of the platform can be easily adapted to reflect the brand identity of another company – so the Migränhjälpen brand is communicated to the patient.

Migränhjälpen  uses the platform for triage, automated anamnesis and digital work flow, as well as in the dialogue between patient, the responsible healthcare resource and administrative staff.

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