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HOPE Obesity

HOPE Obesity is intended to facilitate treatment and communication with children and young people diagnosed with obesity. HOPE App offers the patient a scheduled activity plan for treatment adapted to their individual needs.

HOPE Platform is largely based on the digital treatment method at the child and adolescent medical facility at Region Halland hospitals and at the Obesity Centre, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Västra Götaland Region. The new method seeks  to motivate the patient to change their  behaviour and lifestyle. Parents  can also be given access to the activity plan fr the child to the extent the child wants.

In the diagnostic field, many of the actors in healthcare and society also work closely together when the lifestyle of a patient needs to change. Using HOPE Platform facilitates  a transition from more traditional isolated and irregular check-up visits to a safer, more stable and continuous contact for the patient with everyone involved.

As treatment takes place remotely, children and adolescents can be admitted from a number of geographical areas within Region Halland and Region Västra Götaland. This also includes children and young people who have not previously been admitted in the traditional care setting.

“The new application of digital technology gives hospitals in Region Halland new options for both inhabitants and staff that will bring us closer to an even better collaboration between patients and healthcare.”

For children

Different activities can be set up and adapted to match the individual wishes of the child as time passes. Based on the compliance of the child with the activity plan, a reward system is triggered motivating the child to continue with their changed behaviour.

Children are offered their own activity bracelet. If there is a lack of compliance with the planned activity plan for the child or if the stated values have deteriorated, the excursion is communicated directly to the responsible care staff. This is done via the Clinical Decision Support building block in the HOPE Platform.

HOPE Practitioner helps make it easier for care staff and more fun for children and young people to change their behaviour.

For parents

It is not only the child who is affected by the process – it requires a great deal of effort from the whole family. This is why parents are also given the opportunity to take part in all or parts of the child’s activity plan to the extent desired by children over the age of 13. For example, the parent can only see appointments for visits, not the registered weight for the patient or the individual responses in lifestyle forms.

 As diet is an important part of the treatment, the digital knowledge bank in HOPE is available as support. The digitak knowledge bank enables healthcare professionals to easily communicate individual documents, videos and podcasts to the user. Healthcare staff can also see what information the user has read.

Along with the child and parent, healthcare staff can read the information and reflect on the situation shared by the child and family.


There are a number of algorithms used in association with treatment to produce evidence-based values. These values are calculated automatically using values entered by the child and the service calculation in HOPE. These values are illustrated for healthcare staff via diagrams for whatever time period is requested by healthcare staff.

Diagrams can also be shared with the child as a form of motivation for modifying behaviour.

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