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HOPE Psoriasis

Full control through an activity plan adapted to the individual

HOPE Psoriasis is a digital service that simplifies the registration and follow-up on symptoms, treatment, risk factors and comorbidities in patients diagnosed with psoriasis. Patients are given better control over their disease and life situation through their own follow-up on the individually developed activity plan with direct feedback from healthcare.

Through the activity plan in HOPE App, the patient can easily and remotely answer questions in customised assessment forms and receive reminders about when to carry out certain activities. The patient gets a complete overview of their scheduled plan, which activities are to be performed and followed up over time and what information the patient shares with healthcare.

The follow-up on reported data is based on the national guidelines of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare and the latest treatment recommendations from the Swedish Society for Dermatology and Venereology (SSDV).

In collaboration with pharmaceutical company, AbbVie and the healthcare system, ADDI Medical is developing the service that gives patients the option of being more actively involved in their own care and treatment.

“Psoriasis HOME gives us a simple way to stay in touch with with our patients throughout their journey. The goal of digitalisation is to both engage and deeply involve patients and make it easier for those of us working in healthcare. We can now put the patient at the centre of the care pathway, while also increasing efficiency and the quality of care. That has enabled development of care that enables our staff to spend more time with those patients who need the most support right now.”

Psoriasis Home is developed in collaboration with healthcare, ADDI Medical and the company, AbbVie.

Psoriasis HOME

The new Psoriasis HOME service is used by healthcare and patients through agencies including the Psoriasis Association in Stockholm County, at its smedical facilities in Sundbyberg and Sjöstaden and at the Stockholm Hud specialist dermatology centre, which is part of the healthcare company, Praktikertjänst.

The HOPE Platform is the technical solution consisting of different components that forms the backbone of the Psoriasis HOME service. The HOPE Practitioner interface enables communication between healthcare staff and patient. The HOPE App mobile application enables active remote participation by the patient in all activities the patient is considered capable of performing themselves.  This is made possible through the patient being able to participate in their own care pathway (activity plan), receive reminders about which activities are scheduled and are to be performed by the patient and see their results. If the patient skips an activity, the responsible healthcare professional receives is notified and the patient is automatically sent a reminder to their mobile at the same time.

National guidelines

The National Board of Health and Welfare national guidelines on care for psoriasis states that current research has paved the way for new and effective treatment of psoriasis but the disease is still undertreated, with large regional differences. The lack of continuity and follow-up also results in some patients continuing to receive the same treatment despite a lack of efficacy.

Psoriasis HOME is the project name under which ADDI Medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical company AbbVie have developed and evaluated in the HOPE Platform. The purpose is that with HOPE Platform, the patient will get better control  over their illness and life situation through the option of doing their own follow-up via HOPE App and an individually developed activity plan with direct feedback from healthcare.

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