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HOPE Operation

For planning of pre- and post-surgical activities

Region Halland uses HOPE Platform to optimise and facilitate planning and follow-up on specific procedures to achieve set surgical and treatment outcomes. The goal is to increase the number of successful knee replacement surgeries by automatically ensuring that patients who are to undergo surgery have carried out all necessary activities for completion according to plan before their surgery. In practice, this means that the right activity is posted at the right time for the right patient with the right number of reminders via the platform communication channels (text message, email, push notification, chat).

As the hospitals in Region Halland use automatic surgical planning support for their patients, the patients are incorporated in the ambition to prioritise patients with the greatest need for care.

“The new application of digital technology gives hospitals in Region Halland new options for both inhabitants and staff that will bring us closer to an even better collaboration between patients and healthcare.”

HOPE Platform delivers patient and healthcare staff support that:

  • Encourages patient self-care through the continuous provision of information about what needs to be done and registered before and after the patient undergoes surgery.

  • Gives the patient better control and more opportunities to take personal responsibility for their health, which in turn enables a scheduled surgical procedure to be performed.

  • Enhances quality of life through digital care contacts, which result in less of an impact on work, private and social life.

  • Facilitates advance surgical preparation through targeted planning and follow-up information, which increases patient participation and control over preparations required before their surgery.

  • Leads to greater opportunities for healthcare to ensure its implementation.

  • Frees up healthcare resources by providing staff with clinical decision support that enables them to prioritise patients where there is a need and to ensure that all patients follow planning work in accordance with the set plan.

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