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- HOPE Corona as an effective platform support

HOPE Corona supports the care of patients by linking all the tests and vaccinations of COVID-19 in a common digital care plan. The goal is to support the patient’s need for increased availability and service with high medical quality in the implementation of each individual activity.

Digital care plan

The digital care plan enables the patient to easily become involved in their own self-care and as a contributor when testing and/or vaccinating for COVID-19. Care staff can quickly and efficiently monitor all planned and scheduled patient activities. The result is minimisation the recurring, manual administrative work for care professionals, allowing them to focus more on specialised activities.

Clinical decision support

Built-in clinical decision support is an additional tool based on automation rules generated by care staff activities. An alert is automatically sent to care staff via clinical decision support if patient medical activities and self-care do not follow the care plan set-up

PCR-testing and infection tracking

- followed up through scientific studies

In collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Region of Västerbotten, Karolinska Institutet has conducted largest ever mass sampling in Sweden using HOPE Platform.

Automated process

Using HOPE Corona, healthcare regions are automating preparations, implementation and follow-up of specific sampling for COVID-19. Sampling is done entirely by individuals themselves.

Before PCR testing, the sampler completes a digital questionniare  before the automatic generation of  a referral.

Chat if there are queries

Tests can be offered to all samplers or only samplers who meet relevant sampling criteria to facilitate more efficient use of sampling capacity. If there are any queries, samplers can chat securely and efficiently with care staff: for samplers via HOPE App and for care staff via HOPE Practitioner. Infection tracking work is quality-assured and can be fully or partially automated.

Secure sharing

HOPE Corona enables secure processing and sharing of information between the patient, healthcare professionals and the academic community, supported by the Swedish Patient Data Act (PDL) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Rapid healthcare testing and infection tracking

- followed up through scientific studies

HOPE Corona is being used by Karolinska Institutet, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and general practitioners in Saltsjöbaden to investigate:

  • How COVID-19 is spread in society and in healthcare
  • Whether rapid testing for infection aids rapid detection and prevents infection

Sampling preparations, implementation and follow-up are being automated using HOPE Corona so that sampling can be easily done in its entirety by patients themselves. The whole sampling process is communicated via the HOPE App. The patient has a secure log in to the app using BankID or a personal code

Patients complete a digital questionnaire before  rapid testing for virus antigens and PCR testing.

Antibody testing in the community

- followed up through scientific studies

A collaboration between AstraZeneca and the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is using HOPE Corona to investigate:

  • The extent to which employees who hold positions in companies in Sweden that are of critical importance to society have already been infected with SARS-CoV-2

Sampling is via a blood sample taken to analyse the presence of antibodies to the COVID-19 sample

Offered to all AstraZeneca employees on three separate occasions.

Using HOPE Corona, preparations, implementation and sampling follow-up  are being automated. The entire sampling process is communicated via the HOPE App. The patient has a secure log in to the app using BankID or a personal code.

The sampler will complete a digital questionnaire before every antibody test.

Vaccination against COVID-19 in the regions

- followed up through scientific studies

Region Skåne is using HOPE Corona to monitor the impact and side effects of vaccinations implemented for COVID-19. Thanks to significant effort,  development of a vaccine has progressed rapidly without neglecting safety controls. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to monitor the protective effect and long and short-term side effects. The research body responsible for the study is Region Skåne.

Blood samples will be taken from those enrolled in the study at the time of vaccination and at 1, 6, 12 and 24 months after the first vaccination. This is done to study the antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 and to investigate the duration of the antibody response. HOPE Corona is used for the automation of  preparations for blood sampling and follow-up on vaccinations. The HOPE App  will be used for communication of the entire sampling and follow-up process to the end of 2023.

The patient has a secure log in to the app using BankID or a personal code. The sampler completes a digital questionnaire before each sampling.  Once the study is completed, the sampler will be able to view their results in the HOPE App.

How is it done?

Customisable and quickly configurable set-up to:

  • Simply and rapidly create and adjust sampling criteria

  • Automatic step-by-step patient sampling  guide  

  • Automatic sampling customisation for patient’s unique situation

  • Automatic quality-assurance and identification of patients needing digital or physical follow-up

  • Automatic receipt of draft record based on patient replies in a dynamic form

Automated and efficient sampling means:

  • An intuitive interface with easy-to-use functions

  • Structured self-care data such as  symptom details recorded by the patient

  • The user receives an alert (note, text message and/or email) whenever it is time to perform a new activity

  • Information about who to approach for questions and counselling

  • Secure digital communications option via chat with healthcare staff

  • Adjustable sampling rules for sampling pathway without increased staff costs

  • Adjustable data sampling criteria without increased staff costs

  • Prerequisites for being eligible to take part in clinical studies

Follow-up counselling via HOPE App enables:

  • Automated communication tailored to the patient regarding preparations, implementation and sampling follow-up

  • Record-keeping for authorised stakeholders to view results and symptom details

Fast infection tracking:

  • Patient is sent a dynamic and easily adjustable infection tracking form

  • Full customisation for infection protection reporting to SmiNet for efficient and secure follow-up on COVID-19

HOPE Platform is used in clinical studies

- to understand how the infection has spread in society and in healthcare

Results of studies based on use of the HOPE Platform in COVID-19 studies show:

  • that 30-50% of people with an acute infection do not have any symptoms (are asymptomatic)

  • that many asymptomatic sufferers have high viral loads

  • The message ”Stay home if you have symptoms” is not sufficient to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • that social distancing and proactive protective equipment are necessary (if suitable testing cannot be conducted)

Sampler has received a digital response to any questions before the tests were conducted.

See more information about results at IVA:s webbinarium.

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